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4th International Chemical Hazard Symposium

4th Symposium of Japan Society for Environmental Chemistry


Frontiers of DOHaD research in

Environmental Chemistry



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Date:3rd March 2021 from 9:30~

Venue : Lecture hall at Vet School, Hokkaido University

Online : WebEX


特別講演1:獨協医科大学 市川剛先生


Keynote Lecture 1:

Dr. Go Ichikawa (Dokkyo Medical University)

Influence of exposure to neonicotinoids during fetal period

特別講演2:昭和大学小児科 中野有也先生


Keynote Lecture 2:

Dr. Yuya Nakano (Showa University)

Low birth weight infant and thrifty phenotype
-from the perspective of adipose tissue maldevelopment-



  • 北海道大学 One Health フロンティア卓越大学院プログラム

  • 愛媛大学沿岸環境科学研究センター

  • 日本環境化学会

Hosted by...

  • HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY WISE Program for One Health Frontier Graduate School of Excellence

  • Center for Marine Environmental Studies, Ehime University

  • Japan Society for Environmental Chemistry

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