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International Symposium on Chemical Hazards to Wildlife

Date February 5 (Wed), 2020

Venue 2nd Lecture Room, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University


13:00-13:10        Opening remarks

Dr. Motohiro Horiuchi (Dean of Vet School, WISE program coordinator, Hokkaido University)


(Chairperson: Dr. Toshio Tsubota, Professor of Wildlife Medicine, Vet School, Hokkaido University)

13:10-13:50          Keynote Lecture:

Global Hazard and Risk of Anticoagulant Rodenticide Exposure to Non-target Wildlife

Dr. Barnett Rattner, Ph.D (USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center)


(Chairperson: Dr. Mayumi Ishizuka, Professor of Toxicology, Vet School, Hokkaido University)

13:50-14:15        Current status and issues of lead poisoning in large birds of prey

Dr. Keisuke Saito, D.V.M (Institute for Raptor Biomedicine Japan)


14:15-14:40         Potential Risk Map Construction of Lead Poisoning in Raptors in Japan

Dr. Manabu Onuma (National Institute for Environmental Studies)

(Chairperson: Dr. Mayumi Ishizuka, Professor of Toxicology, Hokkaido University)


14:40-15:40        Poster Discussion (Second Lecture Room) with Coffee/Tea


(Chairperson: Dr. Hiroki Teraoka, Professor of Pharmacology, Vet School, Rakuno Gakuen Univ)

15:40-16:05          Characterization of Cytochrome P450 Genes and Enzymes in the Red-Crowned Cranes: Toward Understanding of Drug Sensitivity

Dr. Akira Kubota (Obihiro Univ Agriculture & Vet Med.)


16:05-16:30          Comprehensive analysis on halogenated phenolic compounds in wildlife and companion animals by the exploitation of the Environmental Specimen Bank (es-BANK) in Ehime University

Dr. Hazuki Mizukawa (Ehime University)


(Chairperson: Dr. Manabu Onuma, National Institute for Environmental Studies)

16:30-16:55          Neurobehavioral toxicity of halogenated flame retardants in development

Dr. Hiroki Teraoka (Professor of Pharmacology, Vet School Rakuno Gakuen Univ)


16:55-17:20          Sensitivity of turtles to anticoagulant rodenticides: in vivo and in vitro sensitivity evaluation in green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas mydas) in the Ogasawara Islands

Dr. Shouta Nakayama (Assistant Professor of Toxicology, Vet School, Hokkaido Univ)


17:20-17:25        Closing remarks

Dr. Koji Arizono (Professor of Kumamoto Prefecture University, SETAC A/ P board)

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